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LIFESAVER – Enabling mobility, simplifying logistics, supporting warfighters

Troops need water, in large quantities. When you’re working in hot conditions, or loaded down with kit and armour, you won’t maintain performance for long without a steady supply of clean, safe drinking water. But water is bulky and heavy, and delivering it is a huge burden on logistics. LIFESAVER systems can radically reduce the load, which is why they’ve been used by special forces, deployed troops and paramilitary forces since 2008.

Operational experience has shown that carrying a LIFESAVER bottle can reduce individual combat loads by more than 4kg – and reducing the infantryman’s burden is a major objective for all armies. It can also free up the space taken by extra water bottles, and extend operational duration by freeing patrols from water replen constraints. This gives more flexibility, and improves security by reducing reliance on predictable water sources.

Using LIFESAVER Jerrycans, or even a C2 system, in remote Forward Operating Bases slashes the need for resupply. A single Jerrycan is able to sterilise up to 20 tons of water without the use of chemicals or boiling. That lets troops stay clean and hydrated, while reducing the requirement for vulnerable logistics moves. LIFESAVER bulk treatment products enhance both security and operational flexibility.

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