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If you’re involved in outdoor activities you’ll need a reliable supply of safe, drinkable water, and LIFESAVER products will provide it for you. Whether you’re on a long camping trip, an expedition, a field survey in a remote location or preparing to survive a disaster, you can’t rely on the local water – but you can rely on your LIFESAVER filtration system. Our products are endorsed by the British Exploring Society; Polar trekker Rosie Stancer is a high-profile user.

LIFESAVER products will ensure clean water wherever you are – whether it’s a desert or jungle, up on a glacier or in an urban location with poor water treatment. As long as there’s water available you can remove the dangerous organisms with an extremely high degree of efficiency.

Maintaining your physical and mental performance on any expedition means having access to water you can trust. LIFESAVER products will take care of that for you. They’re designed to store water dirty, and purify it only when it’s needed, so there’s no risk of recontamination. They rely on high efficiency ultra filtration technology, so you don’t need chlorine or other chemicals that give the water a bad taste. Our range includes systems ideal for lightweight backpacking, vehicle-mounted expeditions or static base camps. Whenever you need water, LIFESAVER can be there to provide it.


LIFESAVER technology is used by expeditions companies, explorers, adventurers and preppers for producing clean water in the most unforgiving of environments - where clean water just can't be guaranteed. Used in the field by Rosie Stancer, Max Adventures and the British Exploring Society.


LIFESAVER products can be used in Remote environments, Desert, jungle, glacial environments, Urban environment tap water, & Vehicle based expeditions


LIFESAVER products are designed to support individuals embarking on international travel, adventure challenges, and expeditions where the quality of the water supply is in question. Clean water supply is paramount for the mental and physical performance and success of outdoor endeavours. LIFESAVER products are designed to store and carry dirty water, once water is cleaned there is risk of recontamination. With LIFESAVER products, just filter water when you want to drink it. No need for bad tasting chemicals such as chlorine or chlorine dioxide.


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