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LIFESAVER – Educating students & promoting understanding of key water topics

The study of water in the Australian School Curriculum is a valuable opportunity to promote student and teacher understanding about key water topics and issues.  LifeSaver Australia works with schools across the country supplying water filtration LifeSaver Water Bottles & Jerry Cans to help facilitate study of the separation of mixtures and water filtration systems making it safe to drink.

Manufactured in the UK, LifeSaver products are portable water filters that are pressurised with a hand pump. This air pressure forces water through the pores of an ultra filtration cartridge and out through the exit nozzle leaving microbiological contamination behind. LifeSaver technology provides a physical barrier against viruses, bacteria and cysts. No chemicals or electrical power is required.

This, combined with our unique and patented ‘failsafe’ technology – which ensures that the product stops working when the filter needs to be changed, protecting the user – delivers a product range that is unmatched.

LifeSaver products provide a sustainable method of water filtration and can be used to demonstrate the effects of water polution or can even be used in microbiology or earth science fields of study.


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